Our Smoked Fish

Smoked Ahi Pate:

Our delicious smoked Ahi Tuna Pate is smoked Ahi tuna from our fishing vessel, Ventura II. This high-quality pate is a labor intensive product, from the way the fish is caught, using time honored Japanese fishing and handling methods, to smoking our own fish, and making our own pate, with no chemicals or artificial flavoring. This is a product straight from the sea. It has such a natural flavor, some might find it addicting.

Smoked Spicy Skipjack Pate with a Baja Flavor:

If you're looking for a little "pep-in-your-step," try our Smoked Spicy Skipjack Pate with a Baja flavor. Our Skipjack is California-caught, right off the Ventura II. The jalapenos in this wonderful pate put a new meaning to a "bite" of flavor. So whether you're having your lunch or hosting a dinner, this pate is sure to get the party started.

Smoked Skipjack Pate:

If you love a lot of flavor in your food, then try our Smoked Skipjack Pate. We catch Skipjack on the Ventura II and smoke the fish ourselves. Skipjack Tuna is a medium-sized fish in the tuna family that can grow as large as three feet in length.

Smoked Opah Pate:

If you're looking for a lighter flavored fish, try our Smoked Opah Pate. Try our Smoked Opah Pate on your next snack or appetizer and you'll see why the species is so popular in Hawaii. It goes great on crackers, a salad or a sandwich.

Smoked Ahi Tuna Pieces:

Our delicious Smoked Ahi Tuna is all sashimi grade tuna that is caught in such a way that the fish are never traumatized. We smoke all of our own fish products by hand, making a perfect snack or meal. The Smoked Ahi Tuna goes great on crackers or a salad with sharp cheddar cheese or just by itself. Try our Smoked Ahi Tuna on your next salad, sandwich or crackers and we're sure you'll be amazed.

Smoked Opah Pieces:

If you're looking for a lighter flavored fish, try our Smoked Opah. The smoked fish is lightly flavored, delicious and lends itself well to a variety of preparations. Our Smoked Opah products are also caught on the Ventura II.

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